Core Wools

Not all wools are created equal. Deciding to use core wool and then choosing which one works best for you can be something fraught with risk for needle felters.  With most wool supplies only easily available on-line, you miss out on the ability to get a feel for the fibres before purchasing them.  This is … Continue reading Core Wools

Top Colours

Look, there’s no need for lengthy rhetoric here – a top colour isn’t really some special category of wool like core or locks.  You won’t find it advertised as such, and it’s entirely possible I have in fact made the term up myself – necessity is the mother of dragons invention!  But a top colour … Continue reading Top Colours

Other Animal Fibres

It’s easy to think of needle felting as being something that can only be done with sheep wool, but there is a huge world of non-sheep fibres available that can be used to create pieces that are unusual and distinct.  However, not every ‘alternative’ fibre is right for every felter, and it’s understandable that you … Continue reading Other Animal Fibres

Non-animal fibres

Animal fibres are not the only materials that can be used in Needle Felting. For those of you who cannot use or do not want to use animal fibres in your work there are some alternatives, which I will also be reviewing. Natural Fibres Bamboo (coming soon) Milk tops (coming soon)   Synthetic Fibres Hamanaka … Continue reading Non-animal fibres

Kit Reviews

The newcomer to the world of felting might feel at times a little daunted by all the different options and styles available to them and, as such, may feel more comfortable starting out with a kit.  Likewise, someone more experienced might also want to purchase a kit if this will allow them to sample different … Continue reading Kit Reviews

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