Stylised Felts

Sometimes with needle felting you find yourself wanting to experiment with style as well as subject matter, and I feel that each of these pieces fall into that category.

Oatcake the Siamese Cat

Oatcake the Siamese Cat

I’ve had a fascination with scrawny, long necked Siamese cats for a while but have held off making one as I wanted to get the eyes just right. Although this design is fairly simply the eyes act as a real centre-piece.

The Midnight Hare

The Midnight Hare

There’s something very ‘Watership Down’ about this figure; she reminds me a little of Hyzenthlay, with her thin pointed face and blue rimmed eyes.

The Sea Hare


Watercolour Country Chicken

Country Chicken
The pattern on this country-style chicken is meant to evoke the sense of a watercolour meadow filled with wildflowers.

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