Kit Reviews

The newcomer to the world of felting might feel at times a little daunted by all the different options and styles available to them and, as such, may feel more comfortable starting out with a kit.  Likewise, someone more experienced might also want to purchase a kit if this will allow them to sample different fibres or techniques without commiting to a huge spend.

There are many kits available – personally I would recommend something created by a smaller seller rather than something corporate and mass produced, as smaller sellers tend to have a great deal of experience in which fibres and techniques work well, and a lot of thought is put into their final product.

I have started to product test some of the felting kits available on the market – I hope that the reviews linked to below will help guide you in making a decision on which kit to purchase.


Starter kit – alternative fibres


Knavesmire Alpaca needle felting starter kit.

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