Birb’s the word.

Cute Critters

From sweet little bunnies to multi-coloured alpacas; endearing hedgehogs to cheeky cats, my cute critters needle felted range is a celebration of the adorable.

Dead Eric

Meet Dead Eric, the world’s cutest, unluckiest zombie.

Poor Eric thought things couldn’t get any worse when he died. ┬áHe was wrong – dead wrong.

Felted Fiercies

Sometimes those of us struggling with mental health issues or invisible illnesses need our own little champions to fight on our behalves. This range of adorable companion monsters want to help

Just For Fun

Sometimes you just gotta pay homage and make a felted version of a favourite character. Here you can see some of my felts in tribute to characters I love. For obvious reasons none of these are for sale.


I absolutely love Japan and Japanese culture, so cannot resist making the occasional kawaii creation from time to time.

Stylised Felts

From the elegant to the quirky, these felts demonstrate and interesting take on their subject matters.

Personalised Pet Portraits

Text If you would like a customised kawaii portrait made of your pet please contact me using the form below.

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