Items for sale for needle felters

Items for sale for needle felters!

COMING SOON – Horse hooves, dog noses, hedgehog noses, duck feet

Having been a felter for, ooh – ‘this many’ – years now I have tried a lot of different ideas and techniques to get the perfect look for my creations. Along the way I’ve learned a few harsh truths:

  1. The correct eyes are often impossible to source
  2. Mouse paws and feet are really difficult to make
  3. That whilst these may seem like small details, getting it right can really turn a creation from ‘great’ to ‘wow!!!’

So I did a bit (ok, quite a bit… ok, a lot) of experimentation, trial and error and internal screaming and I started making my own. They proved to be so popular that I soon started offering these for sale, and things have kinda taken off from there!

Please note that I usually have ready-made packs of mouse parts and eyes for sale in my Etsy store, but if you can’t see the sort of thing you are looking for or you want something more bespoke please feel free to contact me directly (using either my Facebook page or the webform at the bottom of this page).

Mouse parts

Complete your mouse’s look without frustration by ordering pre-made polymer clay mouse feet, paws, tails and ears that can easily be attached using glue.

Mouse parts ad 2

These lovely and lifelike pieces are made from polymer clay and arrive to you unvarnished and unpainted (enabling you to add extra detail as required.) I often have pre-made, ready to ship variety packs for sale in my Etsy store, but if you want to order something specific I do create custom packs.

Prices vary depending on size and the types of items you want included in your pack, but an average sized mouse pack containing 2 feet, 2 paws, 2 ears and 1 tail will cost £4.00, whereas a pack of paws/ feet only would be closer to £2.50.  I will also give a 15% discount on any order worth over £20.

You can request that your feet are flat bottomed, slightly curled at the toe (for sleeping mice), with holes to enable attachment to wire armatures or with ‘ankles’ (to aid attachment) at no additional cost.  All mouse packs will be proportionate in size (ie you won’t have a foot that’s much bigger than the other 3, or ears that are weirdly small).

As an added aside, I was a fancy rat and mouse owner for over 10 years, so these pieces have been largely based on real-life knowledge.

glass eyes

These glass eyes are an affordable and luxurious way of really giving your creations life. Each eye is made with a hand-painted glass cabochon and the paints I use give a fabulously realistic texture. They can be ordered in four different sizes and a variety of pupil types, including slit eyes for cats, goats and dragons.

eye choices

Each eye has a flat back – no wire or holes – which can easily be attached to your models with glue (I find fabric glue to be particularly effective).

Sizes are:

Small – 7mm diameter – £1.25 per pair

Medium – 9mm diameter – £1.50 per pair

Large – 13mm diameter – £1.75 per pair

Extra Large – 16mm diameter – £2.00 per pair

To order, select the size, colour and pupil type and fill in the webform below. You can order mismatched eyes if you want.

These eyes are perfect for making cats – some colour suggestions I have are:

Cat eyes (general) – Mystic Green/ Antique Gold

Cat eyes (Siamese) – Turquoise

Cat eyes (Ragdoll) – Marina

Cat eyes (Exotic or Persian) – Apricot

To order from any of the ranges I’ve listed above you can contact me either via my Facebook page or through this webform.