Felted Knick-Knacks

Cactus Pincushions

These cactii are currently for sale – contact Wool on the Exe for more details

Cactus Pincushions
The great thing about felted pincushions is that you can use them again and again without any degradation of the surface/


Ice and Snow Mushroom Pincushion

Ice and Snow mushroom pincushion
Of course it doesn’t have to be a pincushion – it’s quite decorative too!

Teacup Pincushion

Teacup Pincushion
Time for a nice cup of…wait, what?

Little Mouse House

If you would like a mouse house made for you contact me via my Facebook page or Etsy

Tea chest mouse house
Three sleeping mice in a vintage-style chest

Family Portrait Picture Frame

Child and baby photo frame
A young girl holds a baby in this photo frame that was made to celebrate the birth of my nephew

Two Mushrooms – a Pincushion in a bucket

Mushroom Pincushion
Two wild mushrooms

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