Felting Suppliers

Below is a list of suppliers I have personally used and would be happy to recommend to other felters. Please note I may, in some instances, have purchased in person at craft fairs and not online, so cannot comment on issues relating to online ordering etc.

Please remember that the absence of a supplier here doesn’t necessarily mean I wouldn’t recommend them – it may just mean that I haven’t used them or that I haven’t gotten around to giving them a write-up.

For ease I have ordered this page by type of product. At the end of this page is a mini-review of my opinions regarding the sellers. Please note that these are only my personal views and experiences and that anyone making any purchases does so at their own risk.

Core Wool (Sheep)

Adelaide Walker

Visit their website http://www.adelaidewalker.co.uk/

Core wool tops available: Blueface Leicester (oatmeal, black, white); Cheviot (white); Corriedale (white, brown); Dorset Horn (white); English 56s (white); Gotland (grey); Herdwick (grey); Icelandic (grey); Jacob (grey, black, white); Manx Loaghtan (fawn); Masham (white, fawn, mid-brown, black-brown);  Norwegian (white, grey, dark grey, black/brown); Romney (white); Shetland (white, moorit, black, grey); Southdown (white); Suffolk (white); Swaledale (light grey); Teeswater (white); Welsh Mountain (white, black); Wensleydale (white); Whitefaced Woodland (white)

Do they ship internationally?: Yes

Payment methods accepted: To be confirmed

The sheer range of different wools Adelaide Walker sells is somewhat overwhelming – it’s very very easy to go a bit hog-wild reading through all the different types available – and that’s just looking at the various ‘core wools’ (it feels a bit wrong reducing these wools to core wool status – there is so much more to them than this).  There is a strong focus on British and rare breeds, and it’s quite exciting looking into all the different wools and how they can achieve different effects.

John Arbon

Visit their website https://www.jarbon.com/

Core wool tops available: Bluefaced Leicester (white); Corriedale (white); Devon Wensleydale; Exmoor Blueface (white); Exmoor Horn (white); Gotland (grey); Jacob (natural grey/ brown); Polwarth; Scottish Down Cross (white); Zwartbles

Do they ship internationally?: Yes

Payment methods accepted: Paypal or credit card via the website, or credit card over the phone

Carded Wool/ Carded Batts (Sheep)

The Felt Box

Visit their website www.thefeltbox.com

Carded wool available: NZ carded wool in pretty much every shade you can think of.  Quick, pick a colour!  Yep, they probably stock it.

Do they ship internationally?: TBC

Payment methods accepted: TBC

I don’t think words can convey the extremely high opinion I have of the Felt Box.  In fact, it’s hard to know where to begin.  The carded wool is absolutely fantastic – almost fool proof.  The huge variety of shades available is mind boggling and, usefully, they sell (very cheaply) reference guides to the different colours, which makes future orders a walk in the park – it’s so much easier to place orders when you know exactly what the end shade is going to look like.  There must be close to 100 colours available, and the fibre is so simple to use and achieve high quality results.  The batts have multiple light layers, or sheets, which makes it easy to peel off.  On top of this, the prices are incredibly cheap, and there are numerous offers available that also make this supplier excellent if you’re working on a budget (you can buy anything from 20g (at £1 this is not to be sniffed at!) to 500g, and there are also offers where you can buy, for example, 4 x 50g at a reduced price (i.e. cheaper than buying the 4 items separately).

Locks (Sheep or other animal locks)

New Forest Mohair

Visit their website here http://www.newforestmohair.co.uk/

Locks available: Red, Blue, Purple, Green

Do they ship internationally?: To be confirmed

Payment methods accepted: To be confirmed

It’s pretty hard to get these locks out of your mind once you try them, there are so many positives.  For a start, they are great value for money.  There is very little wastage and the subtle shades within each pack compliment each other beautifully (the colours are not dyed one base colour – there is great shade variation).  The locks themselves are beautiful, natural and very very glossy, whilst still being easy to use.  

Other Animal Fibres


Knavesmire Alpaca

For a review of Alpaca fibre click here.

Visit their Facebook page here – http://www.facebook.com/knavesmirealpaca

Colours available: Knavesmire Alpaca can provide a wide range of colours – contact them for further details.  They also do an Alpaca starter kit.

Do they ship internationally?: Yes

Payment methods accepted: To be confirmed



The following suppliers already mentioned on this page also sell felting needles

Adelaide Walker

The Felt Box

Knavesmire Alpaca

World of Wool

Fibre Kits

The Felt Box

Visit their website www.thefeltbox.com

Kits available: Various shade packs, but the jewel in the crown is their “Needle Felting Tester Kit’.  Although I haven’t purchased this particular kit myself, and have no plans to review it in the near future, I know (having used the materials myself in their individual components) that this is an absolutely excellent option for those who want to give felting a try.  It costs £1.89 and for this you get two colours totalling 20g worth of fibre (you can indicate colour preferences when making the order) and a good quality felting needle.  This basic kit doesn’t include a felting mat (there are other kits available through The Felt Box that do).


Glass Eyes

Amazing Craft

Visit their website www.amazingcraft.co.uk
Glass eyes available: British glass eyes (2mm – 14mm, depending on colour) in black, light blue, light green, and medium topaz. Prices dependant on eyes.

About the suppliers

Adelaide Walker

The Adelaide Walker team are extremely helpful, quick to respond to queries and post out orders extremely rapidly.  Very recommended

Amazing Craft (mini review coming soon)

The Felt Box

I couldn’t be without The Felt Box, and that’s the honest truth – I shop there a lot and I’ve always found the service to be impeccable, delivery very fast, emails answered very quickly and just generally a very smooth and problem-free experience.  A first rate supplier!

John Arbon Textiles Ltd 

John Arbon are an excellent business to purchase from.  Whilst the high quality of their products speaks volumes for them (very luxurious, and I really want to buy some of their gorgeous socks), their customer service is outstanding – quick to respond to emails, quick to post orders, knowledgeable and extremely helpful. They care very much about their customers and in my experience they really go the extra mile.  A definite high recommendation.

Knavesmire Alpaca

Knavesmire Alpacas are primarily kept as pets (they have 25!) and Dawn, the owner, washes, dyes and cards their wool herself.  The quality of the wool is, quite honestly, luxurious, and the colours are soft and natural or bright and vivid.  There are several purchase option – raw fleece, washed fleece and washed/ dyed fibres can be purchased, as can an excellent starter kit that contains many felting essentials and 200g of fibre.  Dawn is warm, helpful and knowledgeable and delivery was very swift.  Highly recommended

New Forest Mohair

Great customer service and fast delivery – definitely recommend.

Sara’s Texture Crafts (mini review coming soon)

World of Wool (mini-review coming soon)

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