Cute Critters

I love making cute and whimsical creatures, taking heavy inspiration from Edwardian picture postcards of animals living in woodland wonderlands and the now sadly defunct Walter Potter’s Victorian Curiosity Museum.

Many of my designs here are available in my Etsy store, but I can also make customised creations for you – just drop me a note via my Facebook page, Etsy store or in the comments.

3 thoughts on “Cute Critters

  1. I cannot wait for you to start selling. Hopefully it’ll be affordable for me. I just love your work and especially the depression doll. I hope you include a cute tag with a little story of encouragement. It is such an epidemic in this world and i’m excited that you thought of it. I hope u have a shop soon. I believe youll be super successful!!!!


    1. Bless you Kathleen, you’ve made me really happy there! If I do sell (and the hope is that I will) the Fiercies will be quite low cost so the people who need them can afford them. I’m also planning to do mini versions that will be even cheaper.


  2. Hi Kathleen,I’m not sure if you still follow this blog but was just re-reading your comment and I do have an Etsy shop now x


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