Hamanaka Real Felt Wool


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Once upon a time there was a little needle felter who loved to felt.  She worked tirelessly at her craft, for she wished to become the greatest felter in all the land, and each night she would pray to the stars in the hope that one of the Good Fairies would hear her and grant her wishes.

Now it just so happened that one night a passing fairy heard her plea. ‘Little needle felter, why do you cry so?’ she asked. The little needle felter, who had been on the booze, was not at all alarmed to see a fairy standing before her, and she said ‘Oh Good Fairy, I cry because I am not yet the greatest needle felter in all the land.’

’Then keep practising,’ said the fairy cautiously, for she suspected the little needle felter was angling for a favour.

“Alas, I am but a poor woman, who must toil 9-5 each day under the glaring office lights to keep the Bad Fairy Mortgage at bay,” wailed the little needle felter. “If I did not have to work then I could devote all my time and energy to my craft. Please grant my wish, that I may spend all my hours on felting!”

”Nice try sunshine,” said the Good Fairy.

The little needle felter scowled. “So you’re not, like, going to help me win the lottery or something?” she pouted.

And the Good Fairy laughed and laughed and laughed while the little needle felter sat there awkwardly waiting for her to finish.

I mean, who hasn’t had this

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