Technique Tutorials

As with any art, freedom is all in the expression.  As you begin your felting passion you will soon learn which techniques don’t fit with you overall vision and which techniques you will keep in your bag of skills.  You will make your own rules and techniques. Your art will become, truly, your own, and no one will have the right to tell you that you’re doing something wrong. If it works for you then you’re doing it right.

That being said, there are techniques to learn.  I used to be an English teacher, and my credo then (as it is now) was ‘you gotta learn the rules before you can break them.’ So let’s learn some of the techniques used in felting, so you can use them as a springboard into your own style.

Basic Techniques

  • Creating a core ball
  • Creating tubes and ovals (coming soon) 
  • Enlarging core shapes
  • Joining shapes (coming soon)
  • Building up from your core shapes (coming soon)
  • Creating limbs (coming soon)
  • Attaching limbs (coming soon)
  • Creating ears (coming soon)
  • Creating surface textures (coming soon)

Intermediate Tutorials

  • Attaching hair and long fur (coming soon)
  • Working with armatures (coming soon)
  • Working with polymer clay (basic level) (coming soon)

Advanced Tutorials

  • Shading using pastel chalks (coming soon)

One thought on “Technique Tutorials

  1. I thoroughly enjoyed working through you site today, very informative and very entertaining.
    Im looking forward to seeing your up and coming tutorials


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