Needle Felting Tutorials

When I were a lass, all of this t’were green fields…

No no, wait – wrong speech.

When I first started felting there was precious little I could find to guide me. I didn’t find much online and nobody in ‘real life’ I knew had even heard of felting, so I had to teach myself using the odd video here and the occasional tutorial in Cyrillic there. In time I managed to join a fabulous Facebook group (Needle Felting UK) and a nicer group of people there has never been, all willing to help other people get the most out of felting.

So here I am, doing the same.

My tutorials can be broadly categorised into three areas:

Technique Tutorials

These tutorials cover the basics of the variety of techniques you will need to learn in order to become a GRAND HIGH WIZARD of needle felting.

Project Tutorials

The tutorials don’t just teach you the basics – they are free step-by-step guides to making a variety of cute creations

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